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I'm Devon!

As an educator and practicing artist, I understand the importance of a creative outlet. Art offers a safe-haven to those who seek a creative escape. Through art education I strive to bring this same safe-haven to the lives of young adults. Creating art allows us as artists to hit the pause button on life, see beauty in the world, and offers a sense of calm that is unrivaled. 

The act of creating something to be proud of from raw materials is something that has always brought joy to me. My artworks are all inspired by every day moments. Whether it be watching a couple holding hands as they pass you in the street, or seeing a deer in your very own back yard, little moments create a lasting impact on us.

Through my simple drawings and wire art designs, I draw attention to the everyday world that we live in. Through my artwork, I hope to share a little piece of my joy with others through my art.

devon b

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